What are you doing with your time?

30 05 2006

During Mike Walsh’s Future of Media speech, he asked what the new generation are doing with their time.

Well Mike, my media intake is heavy on podcasts, the odd copy of AFR (if I can’t read it for free in a cafe – I only read the Information section), plenty of imported magazines (WIRED, Business 2.0, F@st Company, Technology Review and New Scientist – thankyou Borders) and a little Foxtel on the side (MegaMachines, Techknowledge, etc). I browse via Technorati and Gnoos.

What I don’t spend any of my media attention on is: radio and newspapers.

He speaks extensively on high culture vs low culture, but I disagree with his views on this.

Just so you know Mike, the “dumbing down” of media in Australia is why my old media intake has reduced to zero. I’m not interested in the ratings-prostitution of “news” TV such as Today Tonight, I’d rather read an independent journo’s blog, it contains far less FUD.

With 10 years online, I’m in the older group of the new generation (X/Y cusper to be exact) and I can tell you why old media is dying, it sucks.

I can’t get the content I want. I’m willing to pay for it, it’s just not available.
Money is not the issue, availability is the issue. There is no way to pay for something that’s not available.

I strongly disagree with Mike that the new generation is not willing to pick up the tab. More FUD. The new generation is sick of hearing the old media bartender saying “we only serve scotch, straight up, cash only”.

I want the Information section from AFR (not available every day) + blog feeds + podcasts + technology TV shows (okay, and Criminal Intent).

I want the content when it’s new, not 5 days later, 6 months later or 2 years later.

I no longer buy music CDs because I’m sick of waiting 2 years for a US album to become available in Australia. Now the only new CDs I get are gifts. Old media is simply too irritating to deal with, even with digital downloads (DRM makes me pay multiple times for content I already own). Podcasts are my replacement.

I’m re-routing around old media, as it wastes my time.

Oh and that speech could also have been distributed as audio only, a talking head adds no value. You just wasted my valuable bandwidth.

So I guess the final answer to his question is, I’m spending my time more wisely, only on the content I want. I’m trying to Get Things Done.
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Textcasting – iPod hack or new name for RSS?

30 05 2006

Textcasting is the latest member of the ‘casting family. Slate has announced they are now providing textcast audio files with embedded text.

I’m trying this tomorrow morning on my iPod Nano, not sure if it’ll display on such a little screen.

[Update: Slate’s textcasting does not work on my iPod Nano]

via Librarian in Black and Library Clips
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Emotional Machines

23 05 2006

There’s a great post over on disambiguity, about interaction design.

The mention of choreography reminded me of something that Brendan Moar said:

[stripped down to non-garden terminology]
The _____ in its present state is full of barriers that restrict the natural flow through the space. The _____ is large and provides great flow between _____ and _____. However, the main problem with the _____ is the _____ which surrounds it and separates it from the _____ on the western side.

He might be talking about gardens, but many of these spaces could be filled with applications, websites and jargon.

Barriers are not helpful when trying to create connections through interaction.

Social conventions and human behavioural patterns are still not leveraged in most applications and interfaces.

In the real world, if you screw up and annoy someone, you apologise and/or try to make up for it in some way. Interfaces do benefit from emotional intelligence, even if it’s only simulated, such as providing a joke or apology with an error message.

As we spend more and more time with our machines, we will want to enjoy interacting with them more, want them to mimic our behaviour and sometimes even our facial expressions.

Seriously, how long would you work with a co-worker who:

  • gave you a generic error every time you asked a question they didn’t know the answer to?
  • could not sense your frustration level?

The Unfinished Revolution is only just getting started.
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The Good Gnoos

11 05 2006

For those who haven’t been checking out the Gnoos beta site, here it is.

I like the interface, nice and clean, not too much stuff on it (that’s a hint Technorati).
The only thing I don’t like, is the way it highlights the outline of the entire box full of posts, when you highlight the top link (eg. Aussie Blogs). While pretty, it makes the UI confusing, as some things become highlighted on mouseover that have no additional function, such as the white space between posts.
There is a very slight load lag of the red highlight, which is probably adding to the UI weirdness, is anyone else experiencing this? I’m using Firefox.

Ben, it’d be nice to see a link added to the Gnoos logo, linking back to the main site. I’ve made some other notes on the Flickr image.

Gnoos Beta Test - 11th May 2006

But on to the content! – Is this the first Gnoos drama?
This post is awesome, this blog’s going straight to the feed reader.

I’m finding that running searches across multiple tabs in Firefox does seem to slow it down, but that may be the beta environment (at least I hope so, we need more speed than this).
So far, the search results have been excellent (when they loaded), although I would prefer some kind of 10 Random Aussie Blog posts, rather than Aussie Media (they’re so Web 1.0).
Maybe the Top Searches or Aussie Blogs links could reload when re-clicked?

Ben, is there a Gnoos ping URL?
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Buying Origami

10 05 2006

Hugo Ortega has waxed lyrical about Origami (Note to Microsoft: I am not calling it the four letter acronym) at CeBit Australia.

Where can I buy one in Australia, and how much?

Could I use this as a smartphone?
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Gnoos Blog + Beta Test

10 05 2006

Gnoos Blog is now available (RSS feed here)! As is the Beta Test site! Go play.
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Aussie Gnoos is fast approaching

7 05 2006

Ben Barren has finally announced that gnoos.com.au is starting beta testing this week.

You know the drill – You send us an email; We send you a password back; You test what we’ve developed, and a few percent send us bug reports. We then respond : “duh, we already knew that. u r using the old version.” (my last fortnight)

If you’re not sure what this is all about, have a look at what’s been said so far: Frank Arrigo, Renai LeMay, The Age and the Kiwi vs Aussie thing.

I hope the Gnoos servers are ready for launch.
Aussie Web 2.0, here we come.
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