The Good Gnoos

11 05 2006

For those who haven’t been checking out the Gnoos beta site, here it is.

I like the interface, nice and clean, not too much stuff on it (that’s a hint Technorati).
The only thing I don’t like, is the way it highlights the outline of the entire box full of posts, when you highlight the top link (eg. Aussie Blogs). While pretty, it makes the UI confusing, as some things become highlighted on mouseover that have no additional function, such as the white space between posts.
There is a very slight load lag of the red highlight, which is probably adding to the UI weirdness, is anyone else experiencing this? I’m using Firefox.

Ben, it’d be nice to see a link added to the Gnoos logo, linking back to the main site. I’ve made some other notes on the Flickr image.

Gnoos Beta Test - 11th May 2006

But on to the content! – Is this the first Gnoos drama?
This post is awesome, this blog’s going straight to the feed reader.

I’m finding that running searches across multiple tabs in Firefox does seem to slow it down, but that may be the beta environment (at least I hope so, we need more speed than this).
So far, the search results have been excellent (when they loaded), although I would prefer some kind of 10 Random Aussie Blog posts, rather than Aussie Media (they’re so Web 1.0).
Maybe the Top Searches or Aussie Blogs links could reload when re-clicked?

Ben, is there a Gnoos ping URL?
[transplanted from Typepad]




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