Passion, Inspiration and Getting Things Done

29 08 2006

Never underestimate what passion will accomplish. The pyramids didn’t get built by people aimlessly piling rocks.

Some people have a dream. Some dream big, others dream small. The dreams themselves are what is important, not their size.

Dreams are what stop us from being put off by the buts:

  • it’s too hard
  • it’s never been done
  • it’s not how we do things
  • people won’t like it
  • the cost is too great

At the end of the day, every invention, every innovation, every idea at some point did not exist. People work really hard, they try a lot of stuff (a lot of it didn’t work), always learning, never giving up. Every failed effort is one more lesson learned. They try more stuff, some of which works!

We can learn better ways to do things every day, we should also be learning from our past mistakes.

In the movie Medicine Man, a man dreams of curing cancer. Not for money, not for love but an aching need to change his current reality, to move forward as a civilisation and shed the shackles of the human race’s past misfortunes.

At the end of the movie Medicine Man, all Dr. Campbell was left with was his passion and his dream. That was enough, he had just one open loop, curing cancer. That loop was enough for him to keep trying, completing each next action as it becomes available.
Herculean tasks require big dreams, but they also need to Get Things Done. Corporations are getting the idea.

Google’s Mission to organise the world’s information while making it universally accessible and useful, certainly fits the bill. This is a task Google may never complete (given the rate we produce information), but changing society is no small thing.
What inspires you?
Do one task today to contribute towards that dream.

Dream big, do big things.

A special note for Cameron Reilly: don’t take The Podcast Network overseas, that’s exactly what makes Australia a technology backwater! Sell some private shares, have an IPO, call Richard Branson.
A note to Aussie (and overseas) VCs – throw money at The Podcast Network, this is the future of media and you’re going to be kicking yourselves when all the people have stopped listening/reading to MSM and your media brands are worth squat to the new generation (just like those great telegraph brands).


Jumpcut kicks ass all over Google Video and YouTube

24 08 2006

If you haven’t checked out Jumpcut, go and do it! It’s got awesome online editing capabilities, great for those with limited software access. Found via the DVguru.

The first video I made was Cameron Reilly ranting at AIMIA’s Challenges of Business Blogging event in Melbourne.
My editing skills do not really do Jumpcut justice.

Ben Barren, John Allsopp, a Melbourne gathering and some gnoos

13 08 2006

Ben Barren & John Allsopp A great turnout for the Melbourne event: Web Directions presents Ben Barren and John Allsopp. There was no podcast, but there was plenty of photos, with video yet to come.

Attendees included: Ben Barren, John Allsopp, Maxine Sherrin, Cameron Adams, Michael Leone, Scott Baldwin, Michael Woods, Paul Montgomery, Nigel Watson and Phil McCluskey. Some great Cameron Adams books were won, as well as a ticket to Web Directions. Passionate debates such as the semantic web vs. microformats, MainStream Media vs. Bloggers and Melbourne Web 2.0 vs. Sydney Web 2.0 were common. Great stuff in general. And now for the gnoos, Ben has posted his TagCloud lessons, Scott has posted his wrap-up of Thursday night and Paul has a summary of the evening. If I’ve missed any posts, shout out.

I hope we see more of these events in Melbourne, I met a lot of new people and got home far too late on a Thursday night.

8 Things that Annoy Others

12 08 2006

He’s Angry, he’s an Aussie and he’s made a promise I’d like everyone to make.

I also promise never to do any of these 8 things in a meeting (or anywhere else)

  • Sing your name and have the group sing it back to you.
  • Break into small groups and do a mime skit about an agenda item.
  • Become someone else, mime it and have people guess.
  • Sing and dance the song, the hokey pokey
  • Do a weather report on how you are feeling. “Sunny and warm. Cloudy with chance of grumpiness…”
  • Dress up in costume and make a story about the history of an agenda item.
  • Have everyone write their middle name on a piece of paper then try to guess what name belongs to whom.
  • Have everyone write something about themselves nobody knows then try and guess who wrote what.

Mr Angry didn’t link to the original, but I’m guessing it’s located here. He’s written some great responses to these scenarios, check ’em out.