8 Things that Annoy Others

12 08 2006

He’s Angry, he’s an Aussie and he’s made a promise I’d like everyone to make.

I also promise never to do any of these 8 things in a meeting (or anywhere else)

  • Sing your name and have the group sing it back to you.
  • Break into small groups and do a mime skit about an agenda item.
  • Become someone else, mime it and have people guess.
  • Sing and dance the song, the hokey pokey
  • Do a weather report on how you are feeling. “Sunny and warm. Cloudy with chance of grumpiness…”
  • Dress up in costume and make a story about the history of an agenda item.
  • Have everyone write their middle name on a piece of paper then try to guess what name belongs to whom.
  • Have everyone write something about themselves nobody knows then try and guess who wrote what.

Mr Angry didn’t link to the original, but I’m guessing it’s located here. He’s written some great responses to these scenarios, check ’em out.




2 responses

12 08 2006
Mr Angry

Yep that’s it. You can actually find it in a few places online. It’s scary that is seems to be used by so many people.

13 08 2006

This kind of idiocy leads to higher stress in the workplace.

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