Ben Barren, John Allsopp, a Melbourne gathering and some gnoos

13 08 2006

Ben Barren & John Allsopp A great turnout for the Melbourne event: Web Directions presents Ben Barren and John Allsopp. There was no podcast, but there was plenty of photos, with video yet to come.

Attendees included: Ben Barren, John Allsopp, Maxine Sherrin, Cameron Adams, Michael Leone, Scott Baldwin, Michael Woods, Paul Montgomery, Nigel Watson and Phil McCluskey. Some great Cameron Adams books were won, as well as a ticket to Web Directions. Passionate debates such as the semantic web vs. microformats, MainStream Media vs. Bloggers and Melbourne Web 2.0 vs. Sydney Web 2.0 were common. Great stuff in general. And now for the gnoos, Ben has posted his TagCloud lessons, Scott has posted his wrap-up of Thursday night and Paul has a summary of the evening. If I’ve missed any posts, shout out.

I hope we see more of these events in Melbourne, I met a lot of new people and got home far too late on a Thursday night.




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14 08 2006

New location and a new post…

New location:
New post: Ben Barren, John Allsopp, a Melbourne gathering and some gnoos After spending time in the TypePad world, I’m finding it too restrictive. Gone to WordPress….

24 01 2007
4000 hits - Wordpress vs Typepad - Ratio of 5:1 « knowledge is everywhere :: scientaestubique

[…] my first WordPress post on 14th of August 2006 to today, I’ve received over 4000 hits. I started using Typepad during […]

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