Anousheh Ansari – Inspiration for the Y Generation

25 09 2006

Anousheh Ansari Spacesuit Patch

Anousheh Ansari – First Blogger In Space
No posts, been too busy reading the SpaceBlog

I wanted to also use this trip to inspire and promote interest in space exploration and other sciences and technology for our youth, because I believe that’s very necessary for the future of our race.
– Anousheh Ansari

Advertisements – Bug in the Moocards preview, check your Moo Minicards

24 09 2006

So I’m ordering my Moocards and it asks do I want to display my buddy icon, I say yes. I then view my default grey-face from Flickr. Hmm, turned that off again. So I update my Buddy Icon in Flickr, change screens in Moo, go back and tick the Buddy Icon option again, and lo, it’s the same grey face. So I turn the Buddy Icon off, send a bug report to Moo (who don’t have a proper bug report form) and preview my cards and there it is again! Grey-face! The Moo preview is not retrieving the latest data.

I’m expecting they’ll have this fixed shortly, but until then, check your cards before you order and be quick, only the first 10,000 Flickr Pro users get the free set (and FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING).

Plus FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING until the end of September on the non-free sets.

It’s interesting seeing the things people are planning on doing with their Moocards, I think I’ll do a post on that later. MOO could stand for Mobile Optical Objects. is awesome – Where have you been all my Flickr’d life?

19 09 2006

If you’re about to buy new business cards, stop right now and head over to

If you’re not looking for new cards, but you’re a Pro Flickr user, head over anyway, for a 10 card free sample with FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING (everyone say yeah!).

Moo, we love you already, with your shipping to Hong Kong and Australia, and hope you don’t collapse under the global demand.

Moo - is awesome

Now if only I could print other people’s (much cooler) photos…. like Richard Giles Flickr Mastr

Stingrays are not murderers or trophies, leave em the hell alone!

17 09 2006

news via MonkeyJedi
To the mongrels who are cutting the tails off stingrays, pull your @#$%’n heads in! If you think you’re impressing Steve Irwin or his family, you’re not. You’re doing the very thing he fought against his whole life. Steve was in their territory, not the other way around. He would be the last person to blame stingrays for what happened, it was just unlucky. Rocks have killed more people than stingrays.

If you want to help, donate some money to the Wildlife Warriors, instead of being an ass.

If you’re a callous, self-serving trophy hunter, I hope you get shown the same mercy that you’ve given a helpless animal, with a limb cut off and left to die.

To all the normal people, don’t buy stingray barbs, don’t buy things made from stingray barbs, or you’re putting money in the pockets of assholes. review – after 30 days ( vs Typepad)

14 09 2006

If you’re still using Typepad, switch now! After just a month on I have received more hits than the entire time I’ve used Typepad (which I beta tested). Not only that, but I have my entire history saved in my account (a free account! I’m paying for Typepad!).

I’m so impressed with this I’m installing “real” WordPress on a new domain, I hope it works as well as this.

My only complaint is the link popup window when creating posts. For some reason, it takes a really long time to load (compared to Typepad) and doesn’t use regular window drawing. This makes posting many links quite painful. In addition to this, there’s a setting in this window which cannot be permaset in preferences, making you select it each time.

WordPress folks, please fix these design flaws:

  • Slow loading hyperlink window
  • No preference setting for hyperlink window options

Even so, it’s not going to be long before I cancel my Typepad account, I just need to migrate all those posts across.

The Podcast Network dinner, Australia’s Youngest Podcaster & Kermit the Frog kicks Jon Stewart’s ass on the Daily Show

13 09 2006

Cam, Rich, Miriam, MCarlile, Beti, Torsten, Nickhac, Michael, Mathew, Ben, see you at the TPN dinner, details on Unfortunately Molly can’t make it.

In other podcast news, is Michael Specht’s son BJ the youngest podcaster in Australia? Check out BJ’s show, he’s 8 years old! Go BJ! That’s going to look awesome on your resume later in life (Podcasting since I was eight years old)…

via Torsten – Funniest YouTube Video ever! Kermit kicking Jon Stewart’s ass on the Daily Show

Connect with David Allen to Get Things Done

10 09 2006

If you’re not able to get to a David Allen Roadmap seminar, you might want to have a look at the new GTD service, Connect. There’s an audio tour, video tour and free sample article : Make it up, Make it Happen. It’s US$48 a month (US$576 a year). That’s about AU$63 a month, AU$756. It’s certainly not going to be affordable for everyone, it’s good value for those who can’t get to a seminar (or seminars don’t come to them), or for those that a seminar is just too pricey for. There are those who question whether it’s worth it, but you can get The Book cheap and it’s really all you need. has a summary of GTD Connect features, Eric Mack (David Allen’s personal technologist) has some personal stories about David Allen, and says that he’s excited abut GTD Connect.

Awesome article about Sun Tzu’s Art of War & GTD on