Connect with David Allen to Get Things Done

10 09 2006

If you’re not able to get to a David Allen Roadmap seminar, you might want to have a look at the new GTD service, Connect. There’s an audio tour, video tour and free sample article : Make it up, Make it Happen. It’s US$48 a month (US$576 a year). That’s about AU$63 a month, AU$756. It’s certainly not going to be affordable for everyone, it’s good value for those who can’t get to a seminar (or seminars don’t come to them), or for those that a seminar is just too pricey for. There are those who question whether it’s worth it, but you can get The Book cheap and it’s really all you need. has a summary of GTD Connect features, Eric Mack (David Allen’s personal technologist) has some personal stories about David Allen, and says that he’s excited abut GTD Connect.

Awesome article about Sun Tzu’s Art of War & GTD on




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