The Podcast Network dinner, Australia’s Youngest Podcaster & Kermit the Frog kicks Jon Stewart’s ass on the Daily Show

13 09 2006

Cam, Rich, Miriam, MCarlile, Beti, Torsten, Nickhac, Michael, Mathew, Ben, see you at the TPN dinner, details on Unfortunately Molly can’t make it.

In other podcast news, is Michael Specht’s son BJ the youngest podcaster in Australia? Check out BJ’s show, he’s 8 years old! Go BJ! That’s going to look awesome on your resume later in life (Podcasting since I was eight years old)…

via Torsten – Funniest YouTube Video ever! Kermit kicking Jon Stewart’s ass on the Daily Show




4 responses

14 09 2006
Richard Giles

Looking forward to seeing you tonight…..but watch out for Cam. His twins would be the youngest podcasters in Australia.

14 09 2006

It was good to meet you Rich. Cam’s twins don’t host their own show. BJ has his own blog and podcast.

15 09 2006
Cameron Reilly

Loved that TDS clip with Kermit!

2 12 2006

Nice stuff !

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