WordPress.com review – after 30 days (WordPress.com vs Typepad)

14 09 2006

If you’re still using Typepad, switch now! After just a month on WordPress.com I have received more hits than the entire time I’ve used Typepad (which I beta tested). Not only that, but I have my entire history saved in my account (a free account! I’m paying for Typepad!).

I’m so impressed with this I’m installing “real” WordPress on a new domain, I hope it works as well as this.

My only complaint is the link popup window when creating posts. For some reason, it takes a really long time to load (compared to Typepad) and doesn’t use regular window drawing. This makes posting many links quite painful. In addition to this, there’s a setting in this window which cannot be permaset in preferences, making you select it each time.

WordPress folks, please fix these design flaws:

  • Slow loading hyperlink window
  • No preference setting for hyperlink window options

Even so, it’s not going to be long before I cancel my Typepad account, I just need to migrate all those posts across.




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14 09 2006

Nice to hear you like wordpress!!
Infact i am new to wp myself.I am sure they will fix the flaws(actually it is a delay).
Good luck with your blog.!

14 09 2006

It’s a very small issue, I only notice it because everything else is perfect.

16 09 2006
The Rooster

Glad to hear the comparrison between WP and TypePad – I was actually considering getting a TP account but ended up here instead! I am very glad I did. I love WP and the service is excellent. I agree with the above statment wholeheartedly!

Oh also glad that you enjoyed The Podcast Network Dinner! I was bummed that I could not make it, but I am hoping to get there in November for the birthday bash. Cheers and have fun at WP!

26 10 2006
Typepad Blog Digest - Wordpress.com review - after 30 days (Wordpress.com vs Typepad)

[…] My only complaint is the link popup window when creating posts. For some reason, it takes a really long time to load (compared to Typepad) and doesn’t use regular window drawing. This makes posting ma … Posted by scientaestubiqueHope to see more from this blogger.Link to original article […]

5 01 2007

thanks for the advice.

4 03 2007
knowledge is everywhere

4000 hits – WordPress vs Typepad – Ratio of 5:1

I love WordPress, let me count the ways. 4046 total hits today, compared to 815 on my Typepad blog. That works out at roughly 500% better hit rate on WordPress. So if you want to increase your blog exposure, trash your Typepad account and switch to Wor…

19 03 2007

I’m also trying to decide between TP and WP.

Sorry to be dense, but how exactly does switching to WordPress increase hits to your website?

Also, since WordPress is free, what incentive is there for them to maintain, support, and/or improve it? How exactly do they make money? As nice as I am sure they are, I doubt they work for free.

19 03 2007


Don’t even bother with Typepad, it’s really not worth it.
I wasn’t expecting there to be any difference in the hits on my website, but have seen a dramatic difference. I don’t know if it’s the WordPress tags (I get a lot of incoming hits from tag pages), or if it’s something else.

WordPress that’s downloaded is free, and basic WordPress.com is free, but there are paid services you can purchase, and they have other products such as Akismet. You can see more of the WordPress Story here: http://wordpress.com/about/

When I think of the money I wasted on Typepad, that I could have spent on hosting or WordPress.com upgrades…

19 03 2007

Thanks for the feedback. Do you have any recommendation for remote hosted versus self hosted WordPress (com vs org)? If I start out with com, how difficult will it be to migrate to org at a later time?

20 03 2007

I haven’t done a migration yet myself, but setting up on WordPress.com was quick and easy. I’ve just purchased some hosting and am about to install WordPress on my host. I’m hoping it’s not difficult.

Do you know what you’ll be using the blog for?

9 09 2007

This is my first post
just saying HI

19 09 2007

Sorry to say, after two months on WordPress, my site hasn’t been found by Google, but after just a couple of days, my Typepad site, set up later, was fully indexed. I have to add that I used Google’s webmaster tools for both sites


So why doesn’y Google like WordPress? Don’t know, but the fact remains.

In the end, three reasons made me chose Typepad over WordPress:
1. I need to be able to customize my templates.
2. I need to be able to display commercial content
3. I need to find the answers I really need in the support/help section.

I do like WordPress, but it’s just not for me. Sorry.


21 09 2007

Jan – I didn’t use any tools at all to get indexed, and was up on Google right away. You can do any of those with your own hosted WordPress, but WordPress.com does have some restrictions on some commercial services.
Wordpress.com and WordPress.org are slightly different, so don’t judge the self-installed on the hosted, as they are different.
Having also used Movable Type in the past, I can assure you that self-installed WordPress is not that complicated or as painful.
There’s plenty of customisation in WordPress, much more than the header. There’s loads of templates (many, many more for self-installed WordPress) and you can get more customisation on WordPress.com by paying a small fee, which helps to keep the site running, no such fee is required for self-hosted WordPress customisation.
I used to pay for Typepad, but I get better service from WordPress which is free.

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