Stingrays are not murderers or trophies, leave em the hell alone!

17 09 2006

news via MonkeyJedi
To the mongrels who are cutting the tails off stingrays, pull your @#$%’n heads in! If you think you’re impressing Steve Irwin or his family, you’re not. You’re doing the very thing he fought against his whole life. Steve was in their territory, not the other way around. He would be the last person to blame stingrays for what happened, it was just unlucky. Rocks have killed more people than stingrays.

If you want to help, donate some money to the Wildlife Warriors, instead of being an ass.

If you’re a callous, self-serving trophy hunter, I hope you get shown the same mercy that you’ve given a helpless animal, with a limb cut off and left to die.

To all the normal people, don’t buy stingray barbs, don’t buy things made from stingray barbs, or you’re putting money in the pockets of assholes.




One response

6 10 2006
paula lückner

I think that the people who kills and hurts the rays do it to make a profit in some way. You know..this is the barb that….They can’t be fans of Steve. Anyone who knowes anyting about Steve know that he would be devestated and discuste by acts of animalcruelty of any kind and this in particular. No one would have better understanding then Steve and he wouldn’t be angry even at the ray that killed him. He would say, you naugthy little ray. For Steves sake stop at once. Paula from Sweden.

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