is awesome – Where have you been all my Flickr’d life?

19 09 2006

If you’re about to buy new business cards, stop right now and head over to

If you’re not looking for new cards, but you’re a Pro Flickr user, head over anyway, for a 10 card free sample with FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING (everyone say yeah!).

Moo, we love you already, with your shipping to Hong Kong and Australia, and hope you don’t collapse under the global demand.

Moo - is awesome

Now if only I could print other people’s (much cooler) photos…. like Richard Giles Flickr Mastr



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19 09 2006
Richard Giles

Wow…I’m a mastr :). Very clever, and thanks for the compliment 🙂

Moo Flickr MiniCards do indeed look way cool.

19 09 2006
Clique Communications: Online Community Marketing through Corporate Weblogs, Podcasts, and Internet Communities » Blog Archive » MOO Flickr MiniCards

[…] scientaestubique mentioned a new ancillary service to Flickr today. There are now more than a billion people online, and most of us use the internet to engage in some kind of social activity. In doing so we have helped create over five million terabytes of unique virtual content […]

19 09 2006

I thought they looked cool, until I put my photos on them…

21 09 2006
Moo Flickr Mini Cards + Getting Real at disambiguity

[…] Moo Flickr Mini Cards + Getting Real Published September 22nd, 2006 in process, case study, interaction design Moo Flickr Mini Cards launched recently, as you may have read elsewhere. I’m stoked to see so many people checking them out and enjoying them because I had the pleasure of working with the Moo Team on the design of the service. It was interesting that Signals vs Noise wrote them up, because the design process that Moo undertook is really quite similar to the Getting Real methodology that the 37 Signals guys espouse. Moo took a really inclusive and user centric approach to the development of this interface – doing user research and testing in a range of different environments throughout the design and development lifecycle. It’s really great to see that some of the things that we at Flow found when we were working with them are now part of the design – and it’s been great to see the design evolve over time as more and more people got involved in the Moo project. So, designing, and developing and feedback were locked into a really fast and iterative process – and the end result is a process of selecting, designing and ordering cards that is – I think, and others seem to agree – really easy and enjoyable. Based on what I know of their ethos and approach, I feel confident that Moo will continue to evolve and improve the interface and user experience of Moo Flickr Mini Cards over time. It’s been really great working with the guys at Moo because of the responsiveness and user centric approach that they’ve taken to this project. I look forward to seeing how this product evolves and where else Moo shows up – they’re a really smart crew, doing really smart work! Yay Moo! Technorati Tags: moo, agile+design, usability, UCD Give it a digg or share with del.icio.usThese icons link to social bookmarking sites where readers can share and discover new web pages. […]

24 09 2006 - Bug in the Moocards preview, check your Moo Minicards « knowledge is everywhere :: scientaestubique

[…] So I’m ordering my Moocards and it asks do I want to display my buddy icon, I say yes. I then view my default grey-face from Flickr. Hmm, turned that off again. So I update my Buddy Icon in Flickr, change screens in Moo, go back and tick the Buddy Icon option again, and lo, it’s the same grey face. So I turn the Buddy Icon off, send a bug report to Moo (who don’t have a proper bug report form) and preview my cards and there it is again! Grey-face! The Moo preview is not retrieving the latest data. […]

11 10 2006
Planes, Trains & Automobiles Calling Cards

Like everyone else and their brothers, I ordered 100 cards for $20 by pulling images from Flickr. Except instead of just randomly picking some photos, I built a small image to be used as a contact card I could hand out while I’m travel…

24 04 2008
The folks that built « knowledge is everywhere

[…] You should all know by now, I love Moo. The AJAX interface on is fantastic, if you have yet to use it, what are you waiting for? I have now bought several packs of Moo MiniCards, and everyone who sees em wants em.  I can’t believe they released the new MiniCard holders the day after my last order. That’s on my next shopping list, along with stickers. Now if only Moo did non-paper stuff too. […]

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