Anousheh Ansari – Inspiration for the Y Generation

25 09 2006

Anousheh Ansari Spacesuit Patch

Anousheh Ansari – First Blogger In Space
No posts, been too busy reading the SpaceBlog

I wanted to also use this trip to inspire and promote interest in space exploration and other sciences and technology for our youth, because I believe that’s very necessary for the future of our race.
– Anousheh Ansari




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29 09 2006
Rob Speirs

your’s is a wonderful story – I hope the world picks up on your hopes that the collaborative spirit of adventure/fun/hope that exists within the various crews of the international space station can be better reflected in the nations of the world – as a result of your space trip – reminding us of their (space station) existence and example.

cheers – from oz (Australia/Queensland/Ipswich)

1 10 2006
Iran Murphy


Thanks for sharing your wonderful experience with us. I love reading your blog and watching your all your pictures. You are couragious and very beautiful. Keep on smiling and hope you have a safe trip back to earth.

Take care,
Iran from Iran
Iran from Iran

3 10 2006
mohsen k.

dear mrs ansari

i heard about your incredible travel, it make us proud, i’m interested in astronomical science and i have some knowledge about it , anybody in iran gets happiness when see that a very expectable woman do this and i hope all iranian scientists do success adventure in astronomy,

4 10 2006
An answer for Shubber Ali - The Tipping Point of Space Tourism (it’s not Snark 1.0) « knowledge is everywhere :: scientaestubique

[…] Like many of those who have been eagerly reading Anousheh Ansari’s Space Blog, I am disappointed that some have chosen her blog as a place to vent their own issues, without adding anything to the global conversation. […]

5 10 2006
Manju S.M.

Hi Anousheh,

This is Manju S.M. from India. As mentioned in my previous responses, I am currently working as an Engineer in a leading Telecom Software industry. I dream of becoming an astronaut someday and am really in need of your help with regards to this. Can you plz write back to me, and give me some suggestions on how I should proceed from here.

Thanks and Regards,

Manju S.M.

6 10 2006
Behrouz Moeinian

I have filled the hard disk of my computer with your pictures, videos, and notes.You have made ISS famous. Before your trip to ISS, nobody cared for ISS. Now people all over the world wake up even in the middle of the night to see ISS flying over their city like a bright star. Do you know why? Because you were in it. I woke up 5 am in Tehran and watched ISS. I waved at you and told you from Earth “You are the bightest star”. What you have done for the history of mankind is more than what Jules Verne has done. You are a great great space writer. You are the 1st and the best space blogger in the world.

From Iran

15 10 2006

dear anousheh
I sent you a message when you were at the space and told you to have a mental experience when you are there.I told you about the mathematical model that I could find from human’s behaviour and wanted you to test sth mental.of course I can unserstand that you didn’t have enough time to pay to all messages and maybe you couldn’t understand my mean by that short message.but if you could unserstand that,please send me your reply and the answer of the test.I want to continue my researches and your space trip experience can help me.

16 10 2006

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The SpaceBlog is over here:
Please leave messages for Anousheh on her blog.

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