A message for Bobby Flynn – skip the record labels

31 10 2006

Guys like Bobby Flynn don’t need record labels. He’s already got exposure, his own brand, a following on MySpace, a song on an upcoming charity album and he’s working on a website. Australian Idol rings hollow for many because it concentrates on such a narrow part of the music world. Bobby has been an interesting Alt.Idol entrant on Idol (very different from their usual plastic fare), I’m impressed he made it into the top whatever-number that Idol has, as they usually exclude all talented people by that stage.

Bobby – get yourself a blog, a podcast, a flickr photostream, buy copies of the Cluetrain Manifesto & Naked Conversations, communicate with your fans, talk to them about live performances and your love of music. This is the platform every folk artist should be using. Music by the people for the people (yes, I was raised by hippies).

Keep all the control over your music, don’t let a label tell you what to sing about or how to wear your hair, or how to best leverage the tweenie demographic to extract the most money from their parents.


Firefox 2.0 Released, it seems only yesterday it was 1.0

24 10 2006

Happy Birthday Upgrade Release Firefox! If you’re reading this and don’t know what Firefox is, GetFirefox and Take Back The Web.

Firefox is by far (to me), the best example of Open Source. It’s not just the code that’s open, their marketing, advertising and everything is open. Now they have a great logo, great slogans and a damn fine product.

My thanks to every Firefox developer, tester & contributor who has put something in to what we have today. I love it.

There are plenty of Firefox Parties, even one right here in Melbourne.

Get Firefox

Calling for survey participants for blogging thesis

17 10 2006

Hi there Danielle, welcome to the blogosphere. I heard (Frank sent me) you’re doing a thesis on blogging and looking for some people to complete the survey. As well as a blog, something else you’ll need is a public email address (I recommend Gmail) for people to contact you “offline”, as your Microsoft blog is locked down, and won’t let people without a Microsoft account create a comment, so I can’t respond to your post, except here (by the way Frank, that totally and utterly sucks, please get someone at Microsoft to fix it).

This is a flaw of any website or blogging platform, where open communication is not allowed, or technically prevented. Web 2.0 is about two-way communication, less boundaries, more conversation. If you really want people to talk to you, you’ll need to give them other tools to communicate with you, in addition to the blog you have now.

You can email me at scientaestubique AT gmail DOT com
I can pass your details on to quite a few people which fit your description, if required.

My Moo MiniCards have arrived!

9 10 2006

Photos on Flickr

Moo MiniCards & Australian Money

15 days from the creation of Mooey goodness in London, across the sea to Australia.
24th of September – I received my order confirmation email (from the Mini MOO robot)
2nd of October – My MooCards were dispatched
9th of October – My MooCards arrived in my mailbox

These are the hardest things to take a photo of. Money added to give some perspective.

I heard it on a podcast. The Podcast Anthem on BJ’s Show #3

9 10 2006

If you haven’t heard The Podcast Anthem, download it and pod it.

Lyrics: On a Podcast (Squeaky Clean Remix) – Cruisebox
upcoming album – Tell the FCC to Stick it

Cruisebox CD Cover

Do you remember, way back last summer
When mainstream radio was such a freakin’ bummer
No indie music…nothin’ too funny
Clear Channel radio did it for the money

But somebody heard the call
Now, you can have it all

I heard it on a podcast…rockin’ freakin’ radio
You want it, you got it…just download it and pod it
On a podcast…no one’s gonna stop ya
Tell the FCC to stick it…kick it…
The revolution’s on

Do you remember your first computer
That piece of junk was like a freakin’ roto-rooter
Now we’ve got wi-fi, downloadin’ files fast
Listenin’ to everyone who’s ever done a podcast

It’s history, now you see, each and every nation
Radio has got to go, it’s our emancipation
Play that song, sing along, mash it up and mix it
Radio was freakin’ blow ‘til Adam Curry fixed it

Yeah, somebody heard the call
Now, you can have it all

Mp3 killed the radio star…

I heard it on a podcast…rockin’ freakin’ radio
You want it, you got it…just download it and pod it
On a podcast…no one’s gonna stop ya
Tell the FCC to stick it…kick it…

The revolution’s on a Podcast…rockin’ freakin’ radio
You want it, you got it…just download it and pod it
On a podcast…no one’s gonna stop ya
Tell the FCC to stick it…kick it…
The revolution’s on

Great show BJ! Keep playing great music like this.

An answer for Shubber Ali – The Tipping Point of Space Tourism (it’s not Snark 1.0)

4 10 2006

Like many of those who have been eagerly reading Anousheh Ansari‘s Space Blog, I am disappointed that some have chosen her blog as a place to vent their own issues, without adding anything to the global conversation.

Here’s an answer for you Shubber Ali:
Anousheh Ansari engaged many people around the world by sharing her experience as a female Iranian space tourist in a blog in more than one language, with photos and video. No, Anousheh is not the first space tourist. No, Anousheh is not the first blogger. No, Anousheh is not the first person to blog in two languages. Yes, Anousheh is a woman. Yes, Anousheh is from Iran. Yes, Anousheh is the first person to blog from space. Yes, this is something very new.

Shubber Ali mentions that Anousheh is fourth and is not therefore new. This completely misses the point as newness is not why Anousheh is popular, her ability to engage is.

There have been three space tourists previously, but they did not contribute like this to the global conversation, they did not connect with the global community. For every Neil Armstrong there is also a Michael Collins. No one is disparaging the visits of the other three, they just didn’t have this level of engagement with the global community.

Alan Bean was the fourth person on the moon, for those of you playing at home. But what exactly does that have to do with Anousheh, other than give you a chance to prove how “old school” you are (real subtle).

Anousheh Ansari has shared thoughts in a blog, shared photos on Flickr, published her vacation videos for the world to see, told us what it’s like to wash hair in space and generally brought a little bit of space to everyone, not just the “old school” people who don’t want to share, not just the adults, not just the rich, not just the science geeks, and not just the men from America.

Some people say if you scratch a cynic, you’ll find a disappointed idealist underneath. If there’s any idealism left Shubber, I think I’d rather hear some of that, or even what has disappointed you.

So far, most of Shubber’s blogging has dissappointingly been of the shallow, snarky, substanceless sort of name-calling and insult hurling that is all-to-common these days in the blogosphere.

At this point in time, I’d rather read Anousheh’s blog over yours, any day of the week. It’s not a matter of perspective, it’s not about fan clubs or what’s cool. It’s about engagement and conversation.

You don’t know how to engage your fellow man online Shubber Ali, have a think about it. Snark is not a conversation, it’s just rude.

APML – The OPML of Attention – It begins! Vive la révolution!

2 10 2006

TouchstoneLive and the new APML Blog have posted Announcing APML: The OPML of Attention. That’s Attention Profiling Markup Language for those who don’t speak acronym. So many great articles already, see here, here and here. Digg it here. See the APML FAQ.
Touchstone has always reminded me of Michael Dertouzos’ Unfinished Revolution. Never more so than now. Great job guys, love your work.