Calling for survey participants for blogging thesis

17 10 2006

Hi there Danielle, welcome to the blogosphere. I heard (Frank sent me) you’re doing a thesis on blogging and looking for some people to complete the survey. As well as a blog, something else you’ll need is a public email address (I recommend Gmail) for people to contact you “offline”, as your Microsoft blog is locked down, and won’t let people without a Microsoft account create a comment, so I can’t respond to your post, except here (by the way Frank, that totally and utterly sucks, please get someone at Microsoft to fix it).

This is a flaw of any website or blogging platform, where open communication is not allowed, or technically prevented. Web 2.0 is about two-way communication, less boundaries, more conversation. If you really want people to talk to you, you’ll need to give them other tools to communicate with you, in addition to the blog you have now.

You can email me at scientaestubique AT gmail DOT com
I can pass your details on to quite a few people which fit your description, if required.




3 responses

7 11 2006
Frank Arrigo

hey there

you can send me email via the contact page

8 11 2006

Thanks Frank.

I was after Danielle’s, but I’ve now found it on her other blog.

11 11 2006

Hey there,

I’m so sorry for not replying to you earlier, this thesis has kept me extremely busy as you can imagine!
The reason i was looking for the view of communications managers is because the thesis needed to add to the body of knowledge of the public relations industry- which is also relative to my course.

But folks- the results are in, and the thesis is now done!

Thanks for your help and feel free to jump on my blog if you want to chat about the results!

-Just give me a week to recover from it all! Staying up till two and 5.30am every night takes a lot of you!! i haven’t updated yet but keep checking

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