A message for Bobby Flynn – skip the record labels

31 10 2006

Guys like Bobby Flynn don’t need record labels. He’s already got exposure, his own brand, a following on MySpace, a song on an upcoming charity album and he’s working on a website. Australian Idol rings hollow for many because it concentrates on such a narrow part of the music world. Bobby has been an interesting Alt.Idol entrant on Idol (very different from their usual plastic fare), I’m impressed he made it into the top whatever-number that Idol has, as they usually exclude all talented people by that stage.

Bobby – get yourself a blog, a podcast, a flickr photostream, buy copies of the Cluetrain Manifesto & Naked Conversations, communicate with your fans, talk to them about live performances and your love of music. This is the platform every folk artist should be using. Music by the people for the people (yes, I was raised by hippies).

Keep all the control over your music, don’t let a label tell you what to sing about or how to wear your hair, or how to best leverage the tweenie demographic to extract the most money from their parents.




One response

9 08 2007
Tim Booth

Australian Idol 2007 has started.. woohooo!!

Come and chat with all the fans at http://australianidolfans.com

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