Will they Fill the G today? – Updated: Nope

29 11 2006

My train this morning was packed to the brim with people on their way to Fill the G. Interestingly there has not been much coverage in the blogosphere. Are the Union movements falling behind in building their community online? If so, this is a bad omen for their future, as the younger generations grow up digital.

Even if the Unions Fill the G, they need to make their mark on IR if they want Unions to continue to be considered a relevant movement in today’s politics.

Updated: The G was not filled. Some comments were: Farnsey and Beazley not enough, Thousands protest against IR laws, Me, Myself & I and Take the number you first thought of . . .


Victorians – don’t forget to vote, it’s election day today

25 11 2006

Now I know there’s not a lot to choose from, but please remember to vote today.

Voting is not just a privilege, it’s a responsibility. It is your duty and your opportunity to guide the future of our society.

Many people in many countries don’t get this chance, so don’t waste it.

Oh, and take your pen, voting in pencil is just stupid. If a legal contract requires a pen, so should changing the course of history.

The Seven Network gets $735 million in KKR deal

20 11 2006

Seven confirms new joint venture
From the article:
George Roberts, Founding partner of KKR said: “We are delighted to be entering into partnership with Kerry Stokes and Seven. We are looking forward to working with Seven’s very impressive management team to continue to build the new venture into Australia and New Zealand’s leading media company.”

Now this is going to get interesting.

If you were the Seven Network (or Seven Media Group), what would you do with $735 million?

What the… America has banned the import of Vegemite!

8 11 2006

First they have a president who’s an actor, then they perform an unprovoked attack pre-emptive strike on another country, now the United States has banned the import of Vegemite!

And why… it contains FOLATE!
Haven’t they heard the Vegemite song? Don’t they know it puts a rose in every cheek?

Now all Vegemite needs to do is replace folate with trans fat, salt and some corn syrup and it’ll be A-OK with the FDA.

Update: It’s now reported that this is absolute rubbish, but the original news article does not reflect this. C’mon old media, get your act together, you’re starting to look like Today Tonight.