4000 hits – WordPress vs Typepad – Ratio of 5:1

23 01 2007

I love WordPress, let me count the ways. 4046 total hits today, compared to 815 on my Typepad blog. That works out at roughly 500% better hit rate on WordPress. So if you want to increase your blog exposure, trash your Typepad account and switch to WordPress now.

From my first WordPress post on 14th of August 2006 to today, I’ve received over 4000 hits. I started using Typepad during the beta.




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30 11 2007

Why is WP better. Why do you get more hits. I am trying do decide between the two.

1 12 2007

I believe it’s partly the search engine ranking of WordPress, but also the tagging. Every tag created on WordPress.com appears to also appear on Technorati.

3 02 2008

Wow! that is amazing. I wonder why TypePad aren’t doing so well… I agree with you, my wordpress blog has got far more hits than any other blogging site.

18 04 2008
Michael Denton

Hey Cait,

Please forgive me. I’m not usually that presumptuous. I’ve just recently started using the wordpress spam blocker and I agree it’s top freaking notch.


18 04 2008

You’re forgiven.

Akismet has caught 33,140 spam for me, as of today.

21 11 2008

Just read about 10 different blog posts about this issue and came to the following conclusion:

Typepad is great for professional blogging-only content for people who want to focus on writing only and don’t worry about anything else. It’s the best offer for the essentials and no other platform looks that professional.

WordPress is for those who have the knowledge and motivation to customize their blog, take care of hosting their files, and know what to setup in which way. It is much more powerful with way more possibilities but one has to know how to use them to benefit from it. The fact that WP is free is also a big plus but if you don’t know what you’re doing you may end up paying more than with Typepad. I think the fact that I like WP better is because it allows me to use my knowledge about the subject whereas Typepad tries to do that for me.

In essence it depends on the type of blogger you are. To get started, Typepad probably is the better choice, however, when going into things such as affiliate marketing or google optimization that requires some customization, WP will become a necessity eventually.

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