I love electricity… 12 hours after the blackout

11 02 2007

After over 12 hours without power today, I’m counting my blessings at it’s return. Lighting, kettle, refrigeration, cordless phones, clock radio, computers, piezoelectric gas, oh and I guess the tv, although with power back, I no longer want to see the news to find out where the power went.

A 90km per hour wind took it. Three cheers for the sparkies who spent 12 hours restoring the power, restringing cables, raising power poles, testing lines and doing it all with a wave and a smile.

Maybe it’s time Australia had a good long think about underground power. Is there any real reason we still have above ground power lines?




2 responses

14 09 2007


Just stumbled upon your blog, and thought I’d share my 2 cents. Underground power transmission is used only in densely populated areas due to its high cost of installation and maintenance. It may make more sense for the CBD (I think most of which is already underground powered) and other high-population suburbs. But then who know’s how long this might take, or if the Howard government is even pondering over it.

Cheers 🙂

14 09 2007

While Australia may follow this path, many older European countries long ago converted their power structure to underground. It’s major capital works, but also makes weather less of an issue for power outages.

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