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20 02 2007

Scouta LogoScouta is now open to the public! Signup and invite your friends to find the best audio and video on the web, (not just the latest lame craze on YouTube). I never used to watch much video online (too much noise like PrankVote and not enough signal like The Machine Is Us) until I got Scouta. I got my mitts on a Scouta Beta invite a while ago and I’ve been a Scouta addict ever since. Scouta is a top Australian internet startup from Graeme Sutherland and Richard Giles (codename Web2Thing). If you want more than the About page, check out the Scouta Blog for the latest news. One of the coolest things about Scouta is the ability to form groups, with topics ranging from Apple to Web2 and beyond. Each group can have tags, as can individual media items. I’ve created a couple of groups, including Arcologies (a blend of architecture and ecology), Media FUD (This is the place to mark the media coverage which would be the shame of the industry, if they cared about ethics), A New Kind of Politics (seeking a better kind of politician), Perfect Presentations (mark your favourite presentations here), How To (for video/audio tutorials). Individual items can be linked to, just sign in to rate them. No complex rating system here, it’s either good or bad. This is one of my favourites – WeTube: The Future of YouTube.
Another cool item from Scouta is the output of your favourites in RSS! My favourites are here: and these items have been recommended to me, but I haven’t yet rated them:  
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2 responses

20 02 2007
Richard Giles

Great post Scientaestubique! Thanks so much for writing it, and special thanks for all the testing and feedback you have provided. It really has been fantastic, and very much appreciated.

Now, the plan is that Scouta will pay you back with many cool recommendations 🙂


22 02 2007
scouta blog » Blog Archive » Coverage of Scouta’s Launch

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