Explosion in Melbourne’s Burnley Tunnel, huge fireball, lives lost

23 03 2007

Burnley Tunnel Explosion

If you normally travel via Melbourne’s Burnley Tunnel, you may need a new route over the next couple of days: Three die in tunnel fireball, at least one death is confirmed by the police Update: death toll is now confirmed as three. There may be additional lives lost. There have been reports that sprinklers did not activate, if you know anything about this, report it. Some people got out safe, some people posted about the Citylink Webcams (these have been temporarily disabled), some people are just covering the news, Update: witnesses tell of collisions, city traffic in chaos, photos of the Burnley Tunnel, video from The Age, The Age reports “the fire caused by the multi-vehicle pile-up inside the Burnley Tunnel in which three people have died, was so hot that it turned the cars involved into molten wrecks”. Another Update: Vic Roads will have information for drivers, there are some instructions up already.




One response

21 04 2008
John Smith

Sprinklers operated no doubt about it. I saw them.

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