Invade Rage Meme – When I used to listen to commercial music

2 05 2007

R-r-rage-rage-r-r-rage. Rich from Scouta has tagged a bunch of us (Michael Specht, Meg, Muddyblog and me) with the Invade Rage Meme for the Invade Rage Competition. I’m afraid that my lack of listening to commercial music in recent years yields an old list of songs. But this is the very power of Rage, it’s essence. It’s never been like MTV, commercial music and appealing to the masses is not it’s point. Some of the best music I have ever come across, I found on Rage. Not only did guest programmers share the long tail of music (some without videos) & music videos, but they also shared their thoughts on the music itself. I hope Rage sticks around for another 20 years on our ABC.

I tag Cameron, Sam, Urbaer, Molly, Andrew, Frank, Mark and Darren to continue the Invade Rage Meme. Entries into the Invage Rage Competition close this Friday, the 4th of May.

In the rules for the competition, I’m listing 20 video clips and explaining why at least five of them mean something to me.

Anouk – I Alone
Arrested Development – Tennessee
Bomfunk MC’s: Freestyler
Mark Cohn – Walking in Memphis
Bob Dylan – The Times They Are a-Changin’
Eminem: The Way I Am – It may surprise you that I really love this music video. I’m generally not a fan of Eminem, but it’s one of the few songs with a real sense of the price the famous pay for being famous. “I am, whatever you say I am. If I wasn’t, then why would I say I am?. In the paper, the news everyday I am.”. When you watch this video, watch it all the way to the end. Someone under a great deal of stress wrote this song and scripted this video. I’m surprised to see this video come out of the shallow machine that is the music industry. “I’m so sick and tired of bein admired That I wish that I would just die or get fired And dropped from my label” the stress the media puts on people can be just too much for some people to take, maybe for anyone to take. I know I wouldn’t want his lack of privacy for all the money in the world.
Green Day – American Idiot
Insurge: Political Prisoners – “This song is for all the political prisoners, for anyone who wants to live, live like they know they should, the indigenous, minorites, the mentally ill, the passionate few, as we’re for justice, they may take away our freedom to walk, they’ll never take away our freedom to dream.”. I miss the passion of Insurge, I miss the political protest music that I was raised on by my parents. Brittany Spears and the like just don’t have enough soul.
Incubus – Privilege
Janis Joplin – Mercedes Benz
JetAre You Gonna Be My Girl – I love this song, my cat hates it, and hates the video even more.
John Lennon – Imagine
LIVE – The Beauty of Grey
Machine Gun Fellatio – Unsent Letter
Midnight Oil – Blue Sky Mine
Rage Against the Machine – Killing In The Name Of (hopefully these guys will stay reunited)
RedGum – I was only 19 (A Walk In The Light Green) “And can you tell me, doctor, why I still can’t get to sleep? And why the Channel Seven chopper chills me to my feet? And what’s this rash that comes and goes, can you tell me what it means? God help me, I was only nineteen.”
R.E.M. – Losing My Religion
Tex Perkins – Better Get A Lawyer Son
Tracy Chapman – Talkin’ Bout A Revolution
U2 – Sunday Bloody Sunday
Van Morrison – Moondance
Yothu Yindi – Treaty

As I stated in my earlier post “My iPod is pristine, never having held anything that’s not a podcast. Eight years later in 2007 and I am no longer a consumer of any music. I will not return to the consumer pool until this industry behaves responsibly and stops holding back technology and human civilization. The RIAA are the Luddites of the Information Revolution, putting their own interests before the rest of humanity, to protect an outdated cartel whose time is up.”




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3 05 2007
Club Troppo » Missing Link, Thursday May 3rd

[…] cry of the week. From Knowledge is Everywhere: My iPod is pristine, never having held anything that’s not a podcast. Eight years later in 2007 […]

15 06 2007

But … you don’t have to put ARIA-approved music in your iPod – there’s plenty of stuff out there that musicians are only too happy to give away with no strings attached.
Music is too previous to avoid – fill your iPod with somethig new and then you can have your musical cake and eat it too. And all without sending a cent to ARIA, RIAA, whatever-the-UK-version-IAis etc..

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