OECD says Australian broadband among the world’s worst

18 07 2007

OECD says Australian broadband among the world’s worst and Aussies now know they’re not crazy, it really does suck. My own carrier recently advised me that although I am in a brand new land estate with a large population, I cannot get ADSL2 because the local cabling is of such poor quality it won’t sustain the connection from the ADSL2 enabled exchange.

I am still waiting for a real broadband plan that’s not just for the next couple of years, but the next few decades. How will our connectivity be upgraded in the future? Are preparations being made to make this a cheap, fast and easy process? How will these future upgrades be funded? Why isn’t there a public map of what connectivity is available in your location and who is responsible for your crappy service? Why aren’t councils requiring mandatory standards of service before releasing new land titles? Why are some people still not receiving proper copper cabling and only receiving shared-line technology while paying full price?

 If there are any politicians which actually understand all of the above and are able to answer the questions with something other than “We have a plan, but it’s a secret”, you just might get my vote.

Failing that, I may just have to move overseas to country with better than 3rd world connectivity. It sucks to live here.