Would you like a peanut or a pistachio? That sounds rather like an election choice

14 10 2007

This post is titled in honor of one of my favourite cartoons, by Michael Leunig.

This year, the election will be a little different. Online media is going to have a stronger role than it has in the past. Politicians have been keen to try new ways of campaigning and even the political coverage is changing to meet the needs of the online generation. However, the tools have changed somewhat, but the policies are all pretty much in the dark ages.

The Australian Federal Election will be held on the 24th of November 2007.

Liberal Party of Australia
Liberal’s YouTube Channel
John Howard’s opening speech – Right Leadership (transcript)

Labor’s YouTube Channel
[Waiting for Kevin Rudd’s speech to be uploaded – New leadership doesn’t including fast updates for the public] – [transcript when available]

Mixed Nuts
FederalElection.com.au – MyElectorate, Hot Issues, Rolling Debate, Blogs
Google’s Election 2007 – Follow Australian politics with Google’s map, videos, gadgets & more
For the Nut Intolerant
Leadership seems to be a key topic for this election, so here are some videos from thought leaders on the subject.
Dr Peter Ellyard – Futurist
Al Gore on Leadership in Global Warming
Barack Obama: Leadership On Energy

The truth is, we can’t afford to let the same old politics stand in the way of our future anymore.