Firefox 3 Robots Welcome the Humans

18 06 2008

robots - in Firefox Awesome Bar

I love the about:robots easter egg in Firefox 3 and have had a few people ask me what it means and who put it there. For those wondering where these bits of electronic fun come from, here’s the deal. Bug #417302 was logged in Bugzilla, originally requesting a page which changed all your open tab Favicons to an animated robot. This was deemed too invasive (thanks Justin Dolske!), but the robot part was expanded to what you now see today. If you read through all the notes in the Bug log, you’ll see how hard the developers work, even on the little things, to bring Firefox into the world, for free, in as many languages as possible.

Thanks Firefox developers, I love Firefox 3 and Firefox users around the world appreciate all your hard work.


Help Firefox set a World Record! Download Day 2008

14 06 2008

Help Firefox set a World Record! Download Day 2008 is (in Australia) on Tuesday 17th June 2008.

How is your country looking on the Pledge Map?
Download Day - English

Derryn Hinch no Hero

2 06 2008

Derryn Hinch is again publicly naming sex offenders, purportedly in a bid to ensure public safety.

This particular example is not the only one and is likely to continue until such heavy penalties are applied that media outlets can no longer weigh up ratings against time in jail.

The Internet and the Right to a Fair Trial speech from 2005 contains an absurdly appropriate quote from 1846:

“The discovery and vindication and establishment of truth are main purposes certainly of the existence of Courts of Justice; still, for the obtaining of these objects, which, however valuable and important, cannot be usefully pursued without moderation, cannot be either usefully or creditably pursued unfairly or gained by unfair means, not every channel is or ought to be open to them. The practical efficacy of torture is not, I suppose, the most weighty objection to that mode of examination … Truth, like all other good things, may be loved unwisely – may be pursued too keenly – may cost too much.” – Vice-Chancellor Knight Bruce, 1846.

Keep in mind that those who are determined as unable to receive a fair trial are simply released. Naming sex offenders and pedophiles may seem like a good idea to protect the public, but you do not have that right (despite your ego) and your very actions may result in a criminal walking free, never able to be tried on that charge. Hinch is no hero, he’s a vigilante with an ongoing disregard for the law.