Updates and something for your calendar

21 08 2008

First, some updates. I should probably mention that sometime recently this blogged passed the 20,000 hit mark, currently sitting at 20,602. The busiest day on this blog was the 29th of January 2008, which was probably due to 78 Women more important than Paris Hilton, Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan (1410 hits so far). Akismet has caught 50,708 spam for me during this time! (Thanks Akismet) People have made 135 comments, the top three posts are 78 Women, WordPress.com review – after 30 days (WordPress.com vs Typepad) and 4000 hits – WordPress vs Typepad – Ratio of 5:1. The top click is the mp3 file for that podcast song. Thanks WordPress, I love this blog even though I don’t use it that much.

Second, put this in your calendar, Blog Action Day 2008. Follow them on Twitter. Blog Action Day is a nonprofit, grassroots movement of thousands of individual bloggers coming together for one cause.

For 2008, this cause is Poverty and if you make money from your website, you can donate the day’s earnings. So what actions can you do? You can promote it, donate and publish on your blog, podcast or video. It’s on Wednesday the 15th of October 2008, put it in your calendar, along with your next actions.




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