Blog Action Day: Poverty is not evenly distributed

16 10 2008

To eradicate poverty I believe we need two courses of action. One is meeting immediate needs of shelter, food, medicine and water to allow the impoverished the chance to live to see the end of poverty. The second is far more difficult, identifying and counteracting the root causes of poverty.

Projects which help break the cycle of poverty:
Hygiene programs such as Global Handwashing Day

Citizen media at Rising Voices

Kiva empowering individuals and connecting people
William Kamkwamba’s homemade windmill in Malawi

There are a lot of individual plans to reduce pockets of poverty, but I am unaware of any over-arching strategy for the end of poverty across the globe and the progress we are making against it, we need this.

Part of Blog Action Day 2008 – Poverty




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