Help Firefox set a World Record! Download Day 2008

14 06 2008

Help Firefox set a World Record! Download Day 2008 is (in Australia) on Tuesday 17th June 2008.

How is your country looking on the Pledge Map?
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OECD says Australian broadband among the world’s worst

18 07 2007

OECD says Australian broadband among the world’s worst and Aussies now know they’re not crazy, it really does suck. My own carrier recently advised me that although I am in a brand new land estate with a large population, I cannot get ADSL2 because the local cabling is of such poor quality it won’t sustain the connection from the ADSL2 enabled exchange.

I am still waiting for a real broadband plan that’s not just for the next couple of years, but the next few decades. How will our connectivity be upgraded in the future? Are preparations being made to make this a cheap, fast and easy process? How will these future upgrades be funded? Why isn’t there a public map of what connectivity is available in your location and who is responsible for your crappy service? Why aren’t councils requiring mandatory standards of service before releasing new land titles? Why are some people still not receiving proper copper cabling and only receiving shared-line technology while paying full price?

 If there are any politicians which actually understand all of the above and are able to answer the questions with something other than “We have a plan, but it’s a secret”, you just might get my vote.

Failing that, I may just have to move overseas to country with better than 3rd world connectivity. It sucks to live here.

A great turnout for Destra and Brad Howarth at The Domain

16 05 2007

Brad Howarth and Domenic Carosa (CEO of Destra) drew quite a crowd at The Domain networking event in Melbourne, held at Digital Harbour in the Docklands. Attendees received a music CD from Destra and a copy of Australian Anthill magazine (Subscribe to Anthill for the secret bargain price herethanks Rich).

Brad “Best Technology Industry Journalist” Howarth wrote an article in The Age which is firing up the local blogosphere. It’s web take 2.0 is creating a lot of discussion around whether Australian big business gets Web 2.0 (Brad’s full Aussie 2.0 list is here). One of my favourite quotes is from Mick Liubinskas at Tangler “So they keep chasing the users wherever they go, and the users are running away because they are sick of the corporates yelling at them”. As a Gen Y in the workforce, communication is clearly aimed at older generations. I’ve grown up as a consumer hearing the noise that is the corporate monologue, the same-again tv advertising, empty promises and not-so-hidden-agendas. This not only changes my behaviour as a consumer, it also changes what I want in communication in the workplace. I want two-way communication, input, rapid dissemination of news, subscriptions to news based on topic, a human voice, a giant repository of collective knowledge that can be searched… the list goes on. These technologies and techniques are native to me, part of how I get things done. I don’t fax, I don’t send letters and I hear blah blah blah when communication is inhuman and unnatural. Many older style companies are not connecting with their Gen X & Y employees, just as old media is not connecting with their Gen X & Y readers (if they have any). It’s a generation gap. (Rupert is one of the few who gets it)

The Global Geek Podcast recently asked Cameron Reilly “What motivates someone to walk away from the relative security of a six-figure-income corporate job to weather the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune that go with running a start-up?”. Cam posted If You Start Me Up… on Startup Stories,

Creating a startup is already enticing to Gen X & Y for the seemingly unlimited challenge and job satisfaction, but I increasingly wonder whether the human voice (Naked Conversations) is going to be a greater factor in job choice for the coming decades. Money is only useful in that it leads to greater freedom. If you have freedom already, what exactly is the money for?

In other news, Scouta has released Hicks (thanks, no one else was going to) and MODM #2 is on 7th June at Federation Square. Put it in your calendar, RSVP and subscribe to the MODM rss feed. All the cool kids will be there.