Merry (White) Christmas, The Royal Podcast and some thanks for 2006

25 12 2006

This morning I was woken by a hailstorm and a semi-white Christmas morning. The hail didn’t sit long on the ground, but it’s the closest to a White Christmas I’ve ever had here in Australia (coldest Australian Christmas day in history today folks).

It’s official, podcasting is mainstream. The Queen is podcasting the Christmas message on The Royal Podcast, and it made the mainstream news.

Last but not least, some thanks for some of my favourite content producers, all of you are Time Magazine’s Person of the Year:

Adrian F – Hey, you’re always asking me where I find stuff, Bonetable, Flickr photostream – Great photos on Flickr, great blog, Bonetable is climbing the charts.
Anousheh Ansari – Space Blog – Thanks for blogging your trip to the space station.
Ben Barren – & RSSing Down Under – Fantastic search engine, great blog.
BJ – BJ’s Show – BJ is Australia’s youngest podcaster. I love the show BJ, thanks for making it.
Cameron Reilly – G’Day World & The Podcast Network – Thanks for all the G’Day Worlds, coffee, chats & inspiration.
Chris Saad – Touchstone Blog – A great tool, a great blog and Unfinished Revolutionary.
Darren Rowse – – A great site and for still being one of the nicest guys on the internet.
Dave Gray – Global Geek Podcast & Rooster’s Rail – Great podcasts and a great blog.
Dave Winer – Scripting News, Share Your OPML – Thanks for the great tools, podcasts and a great blog.
Des Paroz – The Productivity Show – Thanks for all the podcasts, I love the show.
Frank Arrigo – An Aussie Microsoft Blogger – Great blog and an interesting insight into the evolution at Microsoft.
Merlin Mann – – A great site and a great podcast, thanks for introducing me to David Allen’s Getting Things Done, I love it and it’s changed my life.
Richard Giles – The Gadget Show, & Scouta Blog – Thanks for all the G’day Worlds, the Flickr Mastr photos, gadgety goodness and new toy, Scouta!
Shawn Callahan – Anecdote – A hidden gem on the web, thanks for such fascinating posts.
Todd Cochrane – Geek News Central podcast – One of my favourites, a great podcast for your daily commute.
Todd Defran – PR Squaredfor the most honest corporate post I have ever seen online.
Wayne Turmel – The Cranky Middle Manager Show – A very funny man, great podcast.

Favourite tools for 2006:
Akismet – has caught 1,097 spam for me since I first installed it.


Connect with David Allen to Get Things Done

10 09 2006

If you’re not able to get to a David Allen Roadmap seminar, you might want to have a look at the new GTD service, Connect. There’s an audio tour, video tour and free sample article : Make it up, Make it Happen. It’s US$48 a month (US$576 a year). That’s about AU$63 a month, AU$756. It’s certainly not going to be affordable for everyone, it’s good value for those who can’t get to a seminar (or seminars don’t come to them), or for those that a seminar is just too pricey for. There are those who question whether it’s worth it, but you can get The Book cheap and it’s really all you need. has a summary of GTD Connect features, Eric Mack (David Allen’s personal technologist) has some personal stories about David Allen, and says that he’s excited abut GTD Connect.

Awesome article about Sun Tzu’s Art of War & GTD on

New Toys – Nokia N90 & White PSP

1 06 2006

I have two new toys, a Nokia N90 and the new White PSP from Sony.

I’m hoping the beautiful ceramic white surface on the PSP stays in better condition than my white iPod Nano.

Best thing about the N90: great photos
Worst thing about the N90: no vibrate function, shame on you Nokia!

Best thing about the white PSP: it looks amazing

Worst thing about the PSP: game prices

I found the PSP Podcast over on TPN.
Now I just need to find some great PSP hacks and apps, I’m hoping for some PDA functionality, a great RSS reader, GTD app and if I’m really lucky, I’ll find a PSP version of Alpha Centauri.

Anyone tried this mod chip?

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What are you doing with your time?

30 05 2006

During Mike Walsh’s Future of Media speech, he asked what the new generation are doing with their time.

Well Mike, my media intake is heavy on podcasts, the odd copy of AFR (if I can’t read it for free in a cafe – I only read the Information section), plenty of imported magazines (WIRED, Business 2.0, F@st Company, Technology Review and New Scientist – thankyou Borders) and a little Foxtel on the side (MegaMachines, Techknowledge, etc). I browse via Technorati and Gnoos.

What I don’t spend any of my media attention on is: radio and newspapers.

He speaks extensively on high culture vs low culture, but I disagree with his views on this.

Just so you know Mike, the “dumbing down” of media in Australia is why my old media intake has reduced to zero. I’m not interested in the ratings-prostitution of “news” TV such as Today Tonight, I’d rather read an independent journo’s blog, it contains far less FUD.

With 10 years online, I’m in the older group of the new generation (X/Y cusper to be exact) and I can tell you why old media is dying, it sucks.

I can’t get the content I want. I’m willing to pay for it, it’s just not available.
Money is not the issue, availability is the issue. There is no way to pay for something that’s not available.

I strongly disagree with Mike that the new generation is not willing to pick up the tab. More FUD. The new generation is sick of hearing the old media bartender saying “we only serve scotch, straight up, cash only”.

I want the Information section from AFR (not available every day) + blog feeds + podcasts + technology TV shows (okay, and Criminal Intent).

I want the content when it’s new, not 5 days later, 6 months later or 2 years later.

I no longer buy music CDs because I’m sick of waiting 2 years for a US album to become available in Australia. Now the only new CDs I get are gifts. Old media is simply too irritating to deal with, even with digital downloads (DRM makes me pay multiple times for content I already own). Podcasts are my replacement.

I’m re-routing around old media, as it wastes my time.

Oh and that speech could also have been distributed as audio only, a talking head adds no value. You just wasted my valuable bandwidth.

So I guess the final answer to his question is, I’m spending my time more wisely, only on the content I want. I’m trying to Get Things Done.
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