Happy Australia Day – Safe Fun in the Summer Sun

25 01 2007

It’s Australia Day here down under, which is supposed to be a celebration of Australia as a nation. Unfortunatly, the date chosen happens to be the day Australia was invaded by the British and for many is a Day of Mourning. As a nation I think it’s time we selected a date that’s a little more appropriate for celebration, one that’s less drenched in blood. Celebrating slaughter is not very Australian. While many have suggested already historic dates for a new Australia Day date, I think a date selected purely for the occassion would be more appropriate and officially recognise the history of our original Australia Day is a part of our history that’s not something to be proud of, just like the White Australia Policy. History isn’t just followed, it can also be made. Maybe we can use the date of the day we’re finally freed of the shackles of the British Monarchy. Anyway, enough about the shame of our nation and on to some of the fun stuff you could do today to celebrate what’s great about Australia.

Watch a citizenship ceremony – Congratulations to our new Australian Citizens receiving their citizenship today.
Listen to Triple J’s Hottest 100
Look Up and Smile
Have a BBQ and invite your friends and family
Look up what’s on in your local area – Australia Day in Victoria
Plant a wattle or eucalyptus tree
Plan a holiday in our sunburnt country
Make a Pavlova
Watch the Australian of the Year Awards

Whatever you end up doing today, don’t forget to Slip, Slop, Slap & Wrap.

Sun and Shade Sail
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Australia’s Climate Report – Is Global Warming here already?

3 01 2007

The Bureau of Meteorology Climate Report says we’re suffering more from global warming, than any other country.

Sky News reports: The nation’s annual climate report says while 2006 was one of the driest years on record for the south and east, the sparsely populated north had a bumper wet season.

2006 was the eleventh warmest year since 1910. This isn’t the only dramatic weather we’ve seen in recent times. A firestorm, the longest drought in history, a metre of hail in summer, uneven rainfall, Antarctica icebergs broke off and headed for New Zealand and monster bushfires.

If you’ve been dismissive of Climate Change, have a think about your local weather.

Update: Associated Press reports that 2007 may be the warmest year on record

Victorians – don’t forget to vote, it’s election day today

25 11 2006

Now I know there’s not a lot to choose from, but please remember to vote today.

Voting is not just a privilege, it’s a responsibility. It is your duty and your opportunity to guide the future of our society.

Many people in many countries don’t get this chance, so don’t waste it.

Oh, and take your pen, voting in pencil is just stupid. If a legal contract requires a pen, so should changing the course of history.

Does Australia support One Laptop Per Child?

1 10 2006

Richard Giles just posted an update on the One Laptop Per Child project. Nicholas Negroponte is one of my heroes, as is Michael Dertouzos. Despite the mention on the OLPC website of Australia seeking approval, I cannot find any mention of it on any government website.

$100 Laptop

Updated: 15/01/2007 – News from China’s People’s Daily OnlineRangan Srikhanta (treasurer with the United Nations Association of Australia) does!

Poor children lack opportunity, not capacity for learning reads a description on the OLPC website. By providing laptops to every child without cost to the child, we bring the poor child the same opportunities for learning that wealthy families bring to their children.